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"....I have favorite flowers and favorite fruits... And every year I await and yearn for the arrival of Spring, when the lilac will blossom again, with its intoxicating fragrance and marvelous colors. By that time my canvas and soul will be ready... And when the flowers are yet standing on the table, waiting for me, my still life's composition comes quickly to mind, and the work begins. The pleasure of this process cannot be compared with anything, the most important thing being - to capture and convey the magical beauty of all I see...

I love landscapes not less, especially those that I have lived in and with, came to feel and know them well. The most important thing being - let it all through your heart, and the painting will come out true and good."


Ukrainian painter Nina Martsenuk was born in Kyiv, country's capital, to the family of well known artists Stepan and Maria Koshovyj. Nina Martsenuk had begun her formal art training as a child, subsequently entering the prestigious Republican Art School and than - Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, where she earned her Master of Fine Arts degree. Upon graduation Martsenuk has actively joined in the country's artistic life, taking part in solo and group shows, and has become a member of the Ukrainian Union of the Artists.
Nina Martsenuk's artistic focus falls on the eternal beauty and mystery of still lives and landscapes. She is being praised by her collectors and critics for the unusually genuine, true to life depictions of her subject matter, and yet - for having that unique, one of a kind magical artistic style, that comes from a happy marriage of natural talent, great training, and many years of experience.

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